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Economic Recovery Measures

Sep 12, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release

Three More FDIC Bank Closings

On Friday evening, the FDIC reported that it has taken over three additional banks (Venture Bank, Brickwell Community Bank, and Corus Bank) for a...
Sep 10, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release

CEA Releases Report on the Economic Impact of the Recovery Act

The Council of Economic Advisers has just released their first quarterly report on the economic impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act...
Sep 9, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release

Congressional Oversight Panel Reports on Bailout of Auto Industry

This morning, the Congressional Oversight panel released a report on the use of TAR

Budgeting through Footnotes

 This morning, Lori Montgomery of the Washington Post reported on the decision of the Obama administration to

The Ups and Downs of Buttressing the Economy

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal posted an articl

Fiscal Space, Stimulus and Entitlement Cuts

Given the weak economy, how do we balance our need for economic stimulus now with our need to get our fiscal house in order to prevent the age and

FOMC Leaves Stance Unchanged

August 12 - The key Fed policymaking body, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), released its
Aug 5, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release

Top Senate Democrats Look to Reinforce Cash for Clunkers Before Recess

August 5 - Harry Reid and other top Senate officials are confident that a vote to extend the
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Fed Chairman Bernanke Reports to Congress

July 21 - Federal Reserve Board Chairman presented his twice a year monetary policy